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Standi Toys Inc.

Makers of 1/64th & 1/16th Size Farm Toys and Parts

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Grain Equipment Grain Equipment: Grain Bins – Model #21, #30 & #42. Grain Augers – 32’, 52’ & 80’. Hopper Bins - #21, 1233, 1234, 1533, 1534. Super Structure for 1200 Series Grain Dryer, Grain Leg & Portable Wet Holding Bin.
Grain Bins & Hopper Bins with Super Structure: (left to right)
#21 Hopper Bin & 21 Series Super Structure
#1534 Hopper Bin & #1500 Super Structure
#1234 Hopper Bin & #1200 Super Structure
60-24 Grain Bin
42 Grain Bin - This is a 42-12 6" to Eave 7-7/8" Diameter
Grain Dryers, Stackable: These dryers are available in 1 high, 2 high and 3 high.


Forage: Stave Silo, Harvestor Silo, Silo Room, Bunker Silo, Forage Wagons, Blower for Stave or Harvestore Silo.

Hay Heads: for John Deere model 6910 and 7500 with spout.
Harvesting Equipment Harvesting Equipment: Corn Crib, Elevator, Corn Picker, Flare Box w/hoist, Corn Head, Bean Head, Header Trailer, Hopper Bin Extension.
Hay Equipment Hay Equipment: Stacker, Stacker Movers, Hay Rack w/thrower, 32’ Feeder Wagon, Bales for Rack, Round Bales, Round Bales w/transport, Bales w/fork, Large Rectangular Bales.
Tillage and Other Equipment Tillage and Other: One Way Plow (narrow or wide), Cultivators (4,6,8,12 & 16 row), Grain Drill, No Till Drill, TMR, Manure Spreader (pull type or truck mounted).
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